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The stupidity of Nick Clegg can only be gauged by the number of times he opens his mouth, his latest “I don’t think it’s an either/or. Of course charity starts at home and we have got to help those who have been affected by this flooding … but I don’t think you help Peter by stealing from Paul." shows a complete lack of understanding in where the £11.2 billion foreign aid budget comes from, it comes from the many taxes the UK government imposes on the people of England.

The neglect of England's flood defenses by the British Government which is causing large ares to become flooded will now seriously affect those tax revenue streams, driving down the country's GDP and the amount of foreign aid allocated.




Patients in England have risen significantly in recent years, with more than 600,000 more people using their services last winter than under the previous government, official NHS statistics have revealed. The figures show comprehensively for the first time the rise in numbers presided over by the coalition government, as fears mount of an impending "winter crisis", and prompted charities to warn that the situation could get worse.

Caroline Abrahams, charity director at Age UK, said: "The numbers could continue to increase since the social care system is being stripped to the bone, with access to high-quality social care becoming ever more difficult as vital services are withdrawn or reduced as a result of the current crisis in care. The NHS will struggle to cope with the increasing pressures brought on by lack of social care provision unless the system is radically reformed and given adequate funding."

The figures, published on Tuesday by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC), show that the most deprived 10% of society are twice as likely to go to A&E as those in the least deprived 10%. They also reveal that the proportion of old people attending major A&E units has risen from 19% to 21% over the past four years, with nearly half of them being admitted to hospital, a situation Jane Harris, policy director at disability charity Leonard Cheshire, claimed was avoidable. She said the government "should be investing in a better care system. Disabled and older people and families shouldn't feel they have to go to A&E unless it really is an emergency".

Attendances at A&E departments were up 11%, to 21.7 million, over the past four years, compared with a 3.2% growth in the population during the same period, mainly due to a rise at minor injury units, the statistics showed. Almost half (47.2%) of people who attended A&E received only guidance or advice or no treatment, which will add to concerns that A&E services are seeing patients who could be treated more efficiently elsewhere.

Measures taken by Jeremy Hunt, the health secretary, to alleviate pressure on A&E include a named GP for elderly patients in their local surgery and making surgeries open for longer hours, although the HSCIC statistics show that attendances overnight are a small proportion of the total.

Dr Mark Porter, chair of the council of the British Medical Association, said patients needed to know how and where to access appropriate care. "Key to this is having an effective out-of-hours telephone service, yet the disastrous introduction of NHS111 replaced a clinician-led service with a call centre and was responsible for many people being wrongly directed to emergency departments," he said.

Last winter, 10.6 million people attended A&E, compared with 10 million in 2009-10. The number of people visiting A&E has been above 5 million in every quarter since the coalition government came to power, compared with exceeding 5 million in only three quarters (from April to December 2009) between April 2004 and March 2010. In the last full quarter (January to March 2010) of the previous government, attendances stood at 4.9 million, compared with 5.3 million in the same period this year.

Labour seized on the figures to accuse Hunt and David Cameron of ignoring the problem, but Hunt said there was "unprecedented demand" on services and blamed Labour's changes to the GP contract.

The shadow health secretary, Andy Burnham, said: "They prove that A&E has got steadily worse on their watch and blow apart repeated attempts to evade responsibility for the current crisis. They have diverted attention from the real causes of the pressure and allowed this crisis to deteriorate, putting spin before patient safety in an appalling abdication of responsibility."

But Hunt said: "We know demand for A&E services is increasing as the population ages, with more people needing more healthcare. That's why we are tackling both the short and long-term problems: transforming out-of-hospital care by reversing Labour's disastrous changes to the 2004 GP contract, joining up the health and social care system, and backing health systems with £400m to prepare for this winter."

The Tories said 1.6 million more patients are being seen in less than four hours since 2010, although the HSCIC figures showed that the chances of being admitted to hospital are significantly higher in the last 10 minutes before the key target period expires than in any other 10-minute period, suggesting staff could be rushing to allocate beds for fear of missing the four-hour target.




By: Macer HallPublished: Mon, November 18, 2013

Justine Greening has backed funding for an Ethiopian girl group

Justine Greening has backed funding for an Ethiopian girl group [GETTY]

The International Development Secretary's department has funded Yegna, a five-girl pop group that seeks to "empower women" in Africa.

The revelation fuelled anger about Britain's £10billion annual overseas aid budget


he International Development Secretary said such projects help to empower girls and women. We have to work with the next generation of girls who are growing up in these countries and show them that there is a life ahead of them with opportunity.

But Ms Greening said: "If you're going to see change, we have to work with the next generation of girls who are growing up in these countries and show them that there is a life ahead of them with opportunity, with potential that goes beyond what many of them will experience."

She was also forced to defend £5million in aid going to a Bangladeshi version of the BBC One current affairs show Question Time.

Ms Greening said: "We are working with people to improve their ability to hold their governments to account, so they have channels and ways they can raise concerns."

The English Democrats have concerns about the cutbacks that effects this country for our Government to throw away £9 million.

The Government have some serious explaining to do! 



Today is an extremely sad one for all of us. Our thoughts are with the member of our armed forces that was brutally murdered and with his family, friends and colleagues. Mingled with that sadness though is anger and disgust at what has been allowed to develop in our own proud nation. Yesterday's abhorrent terrorist attack on one of our soldiers in his homeland by Islamic extremists should be a wake up call to those still wearing blinkers. Islam is not just a religion; it is a culture with its own set of laws and many of its followers, extremists included, are now home-grown. Multi-culturalism does not work; it has segregated communities rather than integrate those who wish to settle here. As stated in our manifesto, 'multi-culturalism suggests that all cultures should be treated as equal. A logical extension of this is that all languages, histories and law codes should be treated equally. This is clearly impossible in a unified country'. Although all ethnic groups should be free to promote their own culture and identity the public culture of England should be that of the indigenous English. This position is consistent with the rights of indigenous nations everywhere. This weak and feeble Lib Dem - Tory coalition can't protect us from the after effects of an illegal war that Labour started. We need to protect our citizens, which should be one of the overriding responsibilities of this British Government. 
David Cameron has responded to yesterday's sickening attack by saying that we will 'never buckle' in the face of terrorism, that “we have beaten them back”. Well he might fool those not yet educated to his lies but he doesn’t fool us. The truth is that the spineless, embarrassing British Government has not only buckled to the demands of Islamics, but now encourages and fawns over them like a dog to the owner of a prime steak or courtiers to a king. The British Government no longer represents the interests of the majority, instead becoming focussed on the deliberate subversion of English national culture. Anyone who currently opposes this is branded by the British Government and much of their own society as being 'not politically correct'. Well, we say, let them brand you and be proud of it! The English Democrats will amend and where possible, completely repeal laws and regulations promoting political correctness. We condemn the ideology as evil. We are fighting back. The time has come for us all to stand together. Now, please share this message and show that you are English, proud and won't be silenced or held by the shackles of political correctness.

Campaign for an English Parliament

Here is a speech given by David Wildgoose on behalf of the C.E.P. to the English Democrats conference, i liked it so much I thought I would share it with you all.

George Robertson is not a stupid man. I think his finest moment came shortly after the 9/11 attacks on the United States. The USA spends as much money on its armed forces as the rest of the world put together. They had been attacked and they were ready, able and willing to lash out in response – up to and including the use of nuclear weapons. Needless to say, the world was holding its breath.

Enter George Robertson.

In theory, NATO was a mutual defence organisation set up primarily to counter the threat posed by the Warsaw Pact countries led by the USSR. In practise, the United States provides the bulk of its military capability and NATO membership also provides a convenient excuse for why so much of its military firepower is based abroad in member countries – something that historically would have been viewed as akin to a military occupation, (and for that matter, is still viewed in that manner by some).

That’s the theory. The reality of course, is the United States was and is pre-eminent, able to act without military constraint – and they had just been viciously attacked.

Enter George Robertson, NATO’s Secretary General.

By insisting on invoking NATO’s mutual defence clause that declared that an attack on one would be treated as an attack on all, he managed to give the United States pause and to ensure that a calmer and more considered collective response was the result.

So, given that George Robertson is clearly not a stupid man, what on Earth possessed him to make the ludicrous comment that “Devolution will kill Nationalism stone dead”?

After all, his fellow Scottish Labour MP Tam Dalyell famously described Devolution as “a motorway to Independence with no U-turns and no exits”. Moreover, Ron Davies, the architect of Welsh Devolution, said it “is a process and not an event” – that is, presumably, an ongoing transformation whose only clear end-point is Independence.

So how do we makes any kind of sense of the matter?

They knew what they were doing. It is clear they knew what they were doing, obvious to all and sundry. So perhaps a clever politician, concerned about what the History Books might write about him, decided to get his excuse in early? To suggest that his motives were never less than honourable and well-meaning?

Except of course, we English folk already know that with the exception of Tam Dalyell, all the Scottish Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs at that time were anything but honourable and well-meaning. After all, they signed a public oath in the so-called “Scottish Claim of Right”, declaring that they would put the interests of Scotland before all else. Not the UK, and certainly not England. Scotland alone. Scotland pre-eminent. And in this, they have indeed been true to their words.

Scotland’s MPs have long acted as a block vote. One example of this was when they ensured Speaker Martin was elected simply because he was Scottish – and openly boasted that that was what they were doing, even placing bets on it. And there are many more examples.

The current Liberal Democrat leader is famously European and most definitely not English. His predecessor, Menzies Campbell, was Scottish. His predecessor, Charles Kennedy, was Scottish. His predecessor, “Paddy” Ashdown, was Northern Irish. His predecessor, David Steel, was Scottish.

Let’s look at Labour. Labour’s last leader, Gordon Brown, was Scottish. His predecessor, Tony Blair, was Scottish. His predecessor, John Smith, was Scottish. His predecessor, Neil Kinnock, was Welsh.

Even the Tories exhibit the pattern. The current Tory leader is half-Scottish and has famously talked of how proud he is of the “Scottish blood in his veins” and how he intends to “stand up to the sour little Englanders”. His predecessor, Ian Duncan Smith, is Scottish. His predecessor, William Hague, is actually English. And when he became leader we saw the furious reaction that it was not appropriate for someone with a Yorkshire, that is, an English accent, to aspire to be Prime Minister.

Looking at that record, you wouldn’t believe that 85% of the UK population is English, would you? It does rather seem as if you can only succeed in politics if you aren’t English (and are preferably Scottish), or if you publicly disassociate yourself from the English – such as Jack Straw and his infamous comments that the English used their “propensity for violence to subjugate Ireland, Wales and Scotland”.

Some subjugation, eh?

Perhaps that is why Thatcher’s government was such a shock to them. For once, they weren’t in control. I watched an excellent new series on BBC4 recently, called “The Sound and the Fury”, about modern classical music. They had a female Scottish academic making some observations. Remember that this was a recent programme about modern classical music and yet there she was, having a rant about Margaret Thatcher, a completely unrelated subject and someone who hasn’t even been in power for over 22 years!

It is no secret that they were determined to ensure this could never happen again and so they decided to re-fashion the Union so as to guarantee Scottish dominance. A separate Scottish Parliament to look after Scotland’s interests whilst they worked to undermine England and English unity, beginning by breaking England up into competing artificial “regions”. It’s not for nothing that the former Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy, (another Scot who signed the “Scottish Claim of Right”), when speaking at a conference in Scotland was applauded as he exulted that Devolution was intended to “call into question the idea of England itself”.

And as Andrew Neather’s boasts showed, and despite Labour’s protestations only this week, it was not accidental but rather a deliberate policy to flood England with immigrants, undercutting the wages of the working classes, taking their jobs, their housing, their hospital beds and their school places. When Mrs Duffy tried to take Gordon Brown to task over this matter he merely sneered that she was “a bigoted old woman”.

We know all this. Damning as it is, all these facts are a matter of public record. What is not a matter of public record though, are the British Cabinet discussions with regards to Devolution and its intentions. Only two such Cabinet discussions have been sealed and refused disclosure despite repeated Freedom of Information Requests. One is the discussion prior to our joining in the War on Iraq – something which has ongoing international sensitivities, and so is understandable. The other, is the Devolution discussions. So, given everything else we already know, that they have already admitted, just how explosive must they be for them to be so desperate to keep them under lock and key?

We already know that they didn’t have our best interests at heart. It seems pretty clear that our Scottish ruling classes intended to breakup and subjugate England within an unbalanced Union dominated by a united Scotland. In Gordon Brown’s memorable phrasing, to make us just “the regions of Britain”. However the desperation to keep the Cabinet Devolution Discussions hidden implies that it wasn’t just about ensuring Scottish dominance, it must also have been fired by deliberate anti-English malice.

Now we begin to understand George Robertson’s comment that “Devolution will kill Nationalism stone dead”. Nationalism in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland has always been anti-English. They intended to kill this Nationalism by killing England.

What they didn’t count on was that England still has her own patriots. First of all, the cross-party Campaign for an English Parliament, founded in 1998 in direct opposition to their Devolution plans. And then in 2002, the English Democrats, determined to take the fight to the ballot box itself. Still the only major party campaigning for an English Parliament and seeking to defend England’s interests. 

We are all standing up for England

Wirral Globe and poor editorial standards being brought to task

Trade unions launch campaign against Wirral by-election candidate (From Wirral Globe)

The Editor

Wirral Globe

Dear Sir

Re:  Article Monday, 4th February 2013 by Stephanie Cureton “Trade unions launch campaign against Wirral by-election candidate”

This nakedly Labour Party partisan article falsely asserts that the English Democrats are:- “neither English nor democratic and they have a violent past.  We believe they are openly racist and are against gay and lesbian people”…  “If this candidate was elected, it would have a similar effect as Nick Griffin from the BNP being an MEP for the North West.” These comments are wildly inaccurate, untrue and libellous. Printing such a report without checking with us was grossly inappropriate. 

The significance of this unjustified attack taking place in the midst of a by-election makes this matter one of importance.

I request the right of reply to these spurious allegations. 

These allegations are put as a statement of fact not opinion (within the usual meaning given both by the law of defamation and of common sense). They thus clearly relate also to our candidate’s personal character or conduct. In the context of the article, its timing, and the absence of defamatory comments about any other candidates an inference can be drawn of the improper purpose of affecting the election of our candidate.

I respectfully suggest that you would be hard pressed to support any defence of reasonable belief in the truth of these statements. There is no sensible suggestion anywhere that we are a racist etc., nor indeed have you made any sufficient effort to find out what we do stand for. Indeed we have recently had a forced retraction of a lesser smear by the Sunday Times >>> http://www.pcc.org.uk/case/resolved.html?article=ODI1MA%3D%3D

Also insufficient effort was made to speak to anyone from the English Democrats about these allegations prior to making them. 

Not only do Alex McFadden’s professional standards (if any) appear to be very sloppy, but also, I would respectfully submit, your reporting of them, or relying on such an obviously dubious and partisan source, breaches the Press Complaints Commission's Editor’s Code of Practice by failing to maintain the “highest professional standards”.  The comments are frankly inaccurate and misleading and untruthful and thus contrary to section 1 of the PCC's Editors' Code. 

Rather than accurately reporting you seem to have stooped to cloak with respectability smears and innuendo against the English Democrats and against our candidate, Mr Kenny. 

It may also be that these smears derive from an anti-English discriminatory attitude either by you or Mr McFadden, who bears a Scottish or Irish surname. Such is contrary to section 12 of the PCC Editors' Code.

In the circumstances I wish formally, and on behalf of our candidate so smeared, and also of the English Democrats, to complain and to request the Right of Reply pursuant to section 2 of the PCC Editors' Code.

Yours faithfully

Robin Tilbrook


The English Democrats,


New Labour - Old Labour - True Labour

After 13 years of a “Wicked and Malicious” Labour Government (Hazel Blears 2010 Labour Conference) with Gordon Brown either as Chancellor or Prime Minister, in May 2010 we had unemployment at a 16year high. Despite all the billions of pounds of tax payers money being squandered on public sector non jobs, that we managed without for generations, never needed, are not wanted and now cannot afford, unemployment was higher in 2010 than when Labour came to power in 1997.
In May 2010 the nation’s debt was higher than at any time since the 2nd world war, Thank you Gordon for making more people unemployed, for getting the nation into billions of pounds worth of debt and for wasting billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money.
Thank you Gordon for all the sleaze and corruption, Elliot Morley, Jim Devine and David Chaytor were all accused of fiddling their expenses. Jacqui Smith, Margaret Moran and Hazel Blears were also implicated in expenses fiddling.
Over the Labour years Peter Mandelson, twice, David Blunkett, John Prescott, Peter Hain, Geoff Hoon, Steven Byers, Patricia Hewitt, Jacqui Smith, Michael Martin and Damien McBride all had to resign or retire in disgrace, after sleaze scandals.
Although there was never any court case, the Labour Government was also accused of altering the evidence of a dossier, to give the Labour Government an excuse to invade Iraq. The Labour party also changed the rules on tobacco advertising after a substantial donation from Bernie Ecclestone who wanting the rules on advertising in his favour. The Labour party is also alleged to have taken donations from rich business men in exchange for peerages.
Terrorist were allowed to preach on our streets without being arrested, to teach and train young British/Asian males to bomb innocent people on our streets, immigration was out of control, public services buckling under the strain, but when an elderly lady asks a question of Labour she is called a “bigot”.
Now you may being saying “Well that was under Gordon Brown, we now have Ed Milliband” but stop and think, Marxist educated millionaire Red Ed Miliband was a “Special Advisor” to Gordon Brown and came through the ranks, he was one of Chancellor Gordon Brown's confidants and Chairman of HM Treasury's Council of Economic Advisers.
As Prime Minister, Gordon Brown appointed Miliband as Minister for the Cabinet Office and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. He was subsequently promoted to the new post of Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change.
In 2010 he was elected by the Unions to the position of Labour Party Leader and financially supported by the Socialist Workers and Communist Party back Len McCluskey of Unite the Union.
Voting for Red Ed will be voting to bring back 13 years of a “Wicked and Malicious” Labour party with more a union strangle hold on the country like the 1970s.
Vote English Democrats – You know it makes sense.

English Democrats - Protecting our Communities - Protecting our Environment

Scotlands Right to choose.

Over the next few years Scotland will be going to the polls to decide if they want: -

1) Independence 2) More fiscal autonomy 3) To stay part of the United Kingdom

As a nation Scotland has a right to determin its own future whether that be part of the United Kingdom or not, it is for the people to decide. The English Democrats are very envious of Scotlands Parliament and the Democratic processes that allow them to choose their nations future. The English Democrats campaign for the very same rights, to have an English Parliament and the Democratic processes in place that will allow the people of England to decide both theirs and their nations future in a Democratic society

"There is an alternative to the costly HS2"

Despite widespread opposition from Conservative M.P.'s / Councillors & others, the Government is expected to give the go-ahead for a new £32billion high speed rail route
from London to  Birmingham (and beyond) - HS2.

The recent report by Network Rail (N.R.) into alternative  solutions to the construction of HS2 -including expanding capacity on existing lines, further electrification and
longer trains said "that patchwork upgrades to the existing rail network will not resolve the huge capacity challenges we face." This of course makes major assumptions
about a continued massive growth in long distance rail passenger travel, with construction of the proposed HS2 line taking 8 years (until 2026 to Birmingham & 2032 to Manchester!). We are also told that "in just over a decade the West Coast Main Line ,Britain's busiest-will be full, with no more space to accommodate the predicted growth in demand".Again based on major assumptions ,with I.T. development /Video-Conferencing deflating future growth?

What seems a glaring omission in all this HS2 hype is just where in these economically stretched times will the money to pay for this "white-elephant" project come from?
As journalist Christian Wolmar (RAIL magazine 661) says "concentrating on a desire to have a prestige line to match those in Europe" (HS2) "isn't what's required"
Also, with existing main rail routes between London ,the Midlands and the North crying out for infrastructure investment why build a totally new route across an unspoilt landscape in an already grossly overcrowded country that England has become?

Their are already 4 existing main rail routes between London and the North (with 2 to Birmingham) so why do we need yet another?
We in the North West English Democrats feel that all this emphasis on developing further passenger capacity misses the point,as what our Country really urgently needs is
the means to expand our manufacturing exports , with grossly congested roads hampering growth. Only rail can provide the solution to allowing a re-balancing of our economy
to occur. Unfortunately, our politicians have a blind-spot regarding Rail-freight -hence HS2! Ironically, if they developed a new dedicated High Speed Rail-Freight Route to serve the Midlands/the North and beyond using an expanded/upgraded line (Midland Main Line-orMML) most if not all long-distance Rail -Freight could be diverted off our existing Main- Lines freeing-up paths for future passenger train growth -thereby destroying the case for HS2!

To quote Lindsay Durham, Freightliner Head of Rail Strategy on the House of Commons Transport Select Committee Report"Priorities for the investment for railways" RAIL
magazine638 Feb2010  - "Sometimes the importance of Rail- freight to the U.K. economy can be overlooked, as containers don't vote"

So what do we propose?

Instead of committing huge amounts of public money we don't possess on an environmentally disastrous prestige project,we would work with the Private Sector Rail- Freight industry to develop a High Speed Rail-Freight Route  to connect the existing HS1 line in London (recently passed for International Rail- Freight traffic) via a short spur line into the MML. Northwards from here an expanded/upgraded i.e. electrified dedicated rail-freight route via Leicester/Nottingham/Derby/Sheffield & on to Manchester using a
re-opened Woodhead Tunnel. Further links using existing routes passed for larger containers from our major ports (Felixstowe/Southampton/London Gateway/Mersey etc.)
and the proposed East-West Link to the MML,would enable a large proportion of long-distance rail-freight to use the dedicated HSRFR.
By agreement between the HSRFR CONSORTIUM and Government owned NR a project could be financed by the Private Sector,NR only providing the routes trackage i.e. at no cost to the Taxpayer (unlike HS2!).

The MML would be electrified earlier and again at no cost to the Taxpayer! At a later date it would provide the option of a Privatisation of the MML, meanwhile this HSRFR would finally enable our neglected Rail-Freight Industry to thrive,allow our manufacturers to expand much needed exports and England's environment to greatly improve!

As the (then) new Transport Secretary Philip Hammond said on his first day on the job June 2010- "We must learn to do things differently because the era of easy public money is over" "we must sweat the assets much better than we have done to extract as much value as possible for the taxpayer and rail user","new and innovative ways of funding would be needed because public money was going to be tight"

So why January 2012-HS2? and why not a privately funded High Speed Rail-Freight Route?

For further details check out our Greater Manchester link at the top of this page and select the council in you area.

Campaign Against the Seriously Flawed HS2 scheme - www.51m.co.uk
e so-called Cuts ignore the vast cost of the EU and


International Aid.
Nothing short of criminal.

This is NOT racist, it’s Facts that you can easily verify!!

How angry do people have to get? - Read this and weep!

we’re "broke" & can't help: -
Our own Senior Citizens,
Our own deserving Troops,
Our Orphans,
And the Homeless
etc . . . etc . . . . etc. . .
In the last month alone we have provided aid to: -
Haiti - again!
Chile ,
Turkey ,
Greece ,
Pakistan - again. . .
amongst others

Our pensioners are living on a 'fixed income'
Receive no aid, or get any breaks, while our
government and religious organizations pour
Hundreds of Millions of ££££££'s
and Tons of Food
ALL too Foreign Countries!
We have thousands of adoptable children who are shoved aside
WHY . . . .
To make room for the adoption of foreign orphans!!!!!!!!!!!

Great Britain - a country where we have: -
Homeless without shelter,
Children and adults going to bed hungry,
Elderly going without 'needed' medication,
The mentally ill without treatment -etc,etc.

They are requesting donations for the people of Pakistan . . .
A country that trains British Muslim extremists
how to BOMB & KILL us!!!!
A country that ploughs millions into its nuclear programme!!!
A country with hundreds of millionaires who do sod all
for THEIR own countrymen!
The same country that has passed laws so these
rich people don't pay ANY taxes!!!
The same country where most of the aid sent
DOES NOT reach the ones in need!!!
....and we have - Yet AGAIN. .
TV stations that are spouting WE are letting these people down!!!
Whilst OUR ships and OUR planes
(laughably some are Military ones)
All lined up to fly and crammed full with:
Our food. .
Our Bottled Water!!! . .
Our New Tents. .
Our New Clothes . . .
Our New Bedding . . .
OUR NHS Doctors & Nurses
and OUR medical supplies. .
Whilst UK cancer patients are denied life saving drugs!!!
And some of our OWN - from children to pensioners -
go to bed hungry!!!
Imagine if the *GOVERNMENT* gave 'US'
the same support they give to other countries.

Sad isn't it?

English Democrats - "Putting England First!"


Donations here are only used for North West campaigns